The issue of new covid-19 vaccines

I’ve noticed a lot of people taking an interest in the issue of upcoming vaccines and the continued for and against arguments. I’m also concerned about the somewhat accusatory label of “antivaxer”. I believe both sides of the argument have some value. This is not about who is right and who is wrong. Within reason, I believe in the right of people to make up their own mind, even considering that controversy that causes.

setting personal boundaries in a pandemic

I have personally made up my own mind about accepting the vaccine. I will get it (this bearing in mind I previously had some reluctance in having flu vaccine and simply stuck my head in the sand about any decisions about this). My decision (and I make no apology for it) has come about as my own experience of catching the virus and the resulting trauma that I am currently working on dealing with. I recognise that my decision has some influence in terms of emotion versus logic, but so be it. That aside, this issue is about us assessing personal risk and risk to others based on our own experience and, I hope, being suitably informed. I accept that there is a risk in taking the vaccine. I understand the skepticism which I have duly considered and assessed for myself. Part of this was reading an article  recently that details an insight into vaccine development. For me, the risk of catching COVID-19 far outweighs the risks of side effects from a vaccine. This is especially important now knowing that I have an underlying heart condition atrial fibrillation.

Whatever decisions make, I’ll state here and now that I will respect that decision and hope that it has been made duly and effectively informed. We all have different boundaries around keeping ourselves safe. Sometimes we make mistakes despite best intentions. I realise that some people that know me have come to conclusions how they think I may have caught COVID-19 and may be critical and judgemental about that. Frankly, that is no help whatsoever. Believe me, I battle daily with guilt about what I may or may not have done, but the is simply no way of proving how I caught the virus. There is evidence now that from mass testing in Liverpool that far more people are carrying the virus without the knowledge and asymptomatic. I believe that is the clear danger of it that it hides, waiting for a vulnerable victim to attack. When it attacks, it hits hard and fast, particularly the more vulnerable we are. Many of us have vulnerabilities that we are not aware of. That was true of me. I didn’t know I had atrial fibrillation. 

Whilst we are in the midst of this pandemic, and particularly to those is significantly high risk areas, I urge you all to stay safe and take extra care.

Author: Marty Boneidol

Drugs and alcohol worker, Musician, Blogger, COVID 19 survivor, husband, father, proud grandfather, listener, empath, aspiring wellbeing practitioner, mindfulness facilitator and lover of life and people.

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