Managing emotions

“Who is………..?

“Who is the child with no voice?

lost and unseen

A watermark of tear

full of fear

neglected and broken

missing and unknown

who will atone?

Where is the space

full of grace

to heal….

Who is the child?………………………..”

Yesterday, I watched one of my all time favourite movies in TV “The Railway Children”  Every time I watch the film, it brings a tear to my eye at the end when the father gets off the train and Bobbie runs to he shouting to him “Daddy, daddy my daddy”.

Watching the film yesterday, I shed more than a tear and sobbed for a minute or two at the end. “Why did that happen?” I ask myself in somewhat rhetorical fashion.

I believe this is an example of a kind of transference or displacement i.e. feeling deep emotions that are locked inside for personal safety and not fully conscious. These emotions can manifest in many different ways such as excessive sadness, anger, fear, anxiety, aggression, hate, doubt, depression, inappropriate laughter, attention seeking, or other challenging behaviours. 

When we seek help for this, a doctor is likely to prescribe medication to manage it. What is needed, importantly as an addition is effective talking therapy; something currently exceedingly difficult to get via the NHS due to lack of funding, particularly in the mental health sector. Going private can be challenging to personal finances. 

It is one of my goals this week to book some personal therapy for myself following my experience of COVID-19. I also want to give myself the best chance of recovery, avoiding any possible long term effects such as PTSD.

Bearing in mind we are all going through challenging times at this moment in history, very much globally, are you aware of any transference in your life that is resulting in challenging behaviours? If so, have you considered addressing it. Any thoughts on this or feedback, then please add a comment below. Maybe you disagree with me or have more to add to the subject. I don’t claim to be an expert. In fact, I am actively seeking answers/wisdom on subjects like these and want to learn. 

Author: Marty Boneidol

Drugs and alcohol worker, Musician, Blogger, COVID 19 survivor, husband, father, proud grandfather, listener, empath, aspiring wellbeing practitioner, mindfulness facilitator and lover of life and people.

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