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A survivors COVID-19 message of gratitude

In November 2020, I caught the COVID19 virus and spent a week in hospital. I had never in my life been in hospital, let alone under such challenging circumstances with no visitors allowed. The trauma of the experience has inspired me to start writing again in gratitude that I survived (believe me it was touch a go for a couple of days). I’m also immensely grateful for thecare I received from the hospital nursing staff (something I may write about on another day).

If its not cliche, I feel the need to give something back to help others who have suffered from the effects of this dreadful virus by way of practical and emotional support for survivors, their families and carers and to the hospital staff (particulary the nurses) are true hero’s in my experience.

I begin this project in part to assist me with my own recovery from the virus. A big part of survivng emotionally has been the incredible support of friends who sent me continued uplifting messages whilst I was stuck in the hospital ward, terrified and very lonely. This was incredibly helpful in avoiding any mental health breakdown. I want to provide a portal here to help others.

There will be other content written here, some about well-being and self development. Some simple musing of my own. Some external content. Free resources. Merchandise. Music promotion etc etc etc.

Finally, I thought I would share an article I wrote about 10 years ago that got some interesting responses at the time on my old blog site.

The Pinball effect

On the surface of it, this concept seems somewhat against what we want to achieve, however it is about balance and using energy appropriately. It is also about allowing space to grow. There are many metaphors to explain this. and play the many games. I was attracted by the flashing lights and sounds. It was the excitement and atmosphere that was so attractive to me. Long before we had personal computers, I’d throw my 10 pence coins into computer games. Pinball was always a game I loved. The challenge of getting more lights up and scoring higher. Getting extra balls and replays.

Sometimes the game would be frustrating. I’d so want to achieve that high score, but the balls would simply tumble down the centre or side channels all too quickly. The tension and angst I’d feel would have me putting coin after coin into the machine.

Some days, I’d look at my watch and know I needed to be somewhere. Playing around in the arcade was just killing time. Playing that last game, I’d be relaxed, not worried about the outcome. And yes, you guessed it because I know you have had similar experiences. All of a sudden a multitude of extra balls come along and the score goes up, the lights flash and many replays occur! The times I’ve just had to leave!

The point of this is being relaxed and not crushing your goal or outcome. I’m convinced there is some sort of law of the universe that comes in to play here.

Another more profound example occurred for me a few years ago when I tried running my own business in network marketing. I got so much into the hype of what I was doing, I smashed it to pieces and burned out. I was ill for some months after that and it took a long long time to recover. It’s a tough lesson to learn, to achieve a balance of focus, desire and also just simply allowing the natural flow of the universe to play its part in the outcome. “

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