Stigma and Prejudice


Taking a walk down into the village today, I was struck by reactions of people toward me from some.

I am currently in recovery from Covid-19 virus. It was a harrowing experience having spent a week in hospital. I’m not back to work yet and taking advice to take things carefully. After my stint in hospital and 14 days isolation, I was approached by film camera in the street. This resulted in a 2 second appearance on a local magazine programme “The One Show” where I was asked about my opinion of covid marshalls. I mentioned that my opinion of them had changed as a result of contracting the virus.

Today, I passed many people that I know, some by sight and some on a closer level. Very often in the past, people would call a wave to me, some of who I didn’t recognise but the reason for that is because I play in a local band. I became very aware today that some (not all) people gave me a sideways look. Is that some sort of co-incidence that perhaps they now know that I had Covid? Some people have been vocal in critisism of me for catching the virus. I now know in great detail how it is to be marginalized and judged by people who are unfortunately ill informed about Covid-19.

Frankly, I could have caught the virus at any time from anywhere. I know of people that have been hyper careful, and still caught it. There is now more and more evidence to prove that there is a hidden percentage of people carrying the virus without any symptoms. This virus only attacks those with a vulnerability and in many cases that vulnerability is hidden and unknown. I have seen testimony from people that are now stigmatised for having caught the virus in much the same way some people display prejudice toward those who have had other diseases such as AIDS and hepititus. The prejudice that is toward the homeless, drug users, the poor, LGBT+, the disabled, refugees. The racism which has reared its ugly head in recent years not only in the UK but globally. You can call me flaky if you wish, my attitude has always been “there but for the grace og God go I” in terms of how it may feel to be judged in such a way. Well, now I am beginning to see what it is like to be treated that way, very much in a hidden and subliminal way. COVID-19 cares not who you are, where you are from, what your opinions are, whether you are good, bad or indifferent. It is attacking the whole of the human race and is a common enemy that we must all battle.

Please please please people, educate yourselves and be open minded about this. Anyone can fall victim to COVID-19 no matter how careful you are. Please try not to judge others. Allow them the space to learn for themselves. Put aside partisan political views and consider humanity, kindness and empathy which is a very beautiful thing when it is shown, as I experienced from Nurses in hospital.

Please comment upon this with constructive critisizm if you diagree with me. I promise you that my intentions are honourable.

Much love to all. Marty