Long covid and its challenging perils

I’ve followed a few groups on social media related to #COVID-19. There are many posts frpm people writing about the symptoms they are experiencing. There are so many wonder if the specific symptoms themselves are the issue. It appears to me that the virus will attack anything that is vulnerable in our body and when it does, it can be very fast and aggressive.

As this virus is still relatively new and unknown at this time, understandably the medical profession are cautious about any advice they give out. It terms of so called Long Covid symptoms, I see some people state that they are ignored or not believed when they reports symptoms. Personally, the symptom that affects me the most is constant fatigue. It’s knocked confidence and motivation. It brings on that (dare I mention the taboo subject) of depression. Lots of supportive advice from folk is about taking care of self and not rushing recovery. There is only so much “rest” I can manage. The idleness brings on guilt and too much time to ruminate.

The only activity I have managed to keep up recently has been meditation. It took me a while to get started with this recently, however, it is up and running. It’s a good way of connecting with people, especially whilst there is a lockdown (which has been severe where I am from south east England).

In terms of recovery from illness, I feel the best approach has two elements: –

Pharmalogical – Seeing a doctor and being prescribed medication.

Psychosocial – Connecting with others in a positive way, be that in groups, counselling, coaching etc.

What do others think?